After the success of the last three editions of The Original Brazilian Pool Party, being exclusively responsible for transporting all the party's staff and more than 2500 participants, AS BRASIL is again prepared to offer the service that led the party!


  At the dawn of 2021, on the 1st of January, we will offer the public an exclusive transport that will not let the party end.


  Prepare to worry only about your bathing suit and let AS Brasil do the rest for you.



  Whether floating in the pool or rocking the dance floor, relax, as it is the only thing that will matter. AS BRASIL took care of all the logistics and defined points of departure in the City Center and in Ipanema, for you to arrive and leave the party with the greatest comfort and safety.

 We offer several transfer options for you to choose the one that suits you best. The ideal is to arrive in style and go out humming.